My name is April and I'm an AirBnb host. My goal is to connect with people and make them feel welcome. The AirBnb theme is that you can "Belong Anywhere". I love doing this, I love having people in my home, meeting them, talking with them, and just plain ole connecting.

It makes this world a much nicer and smaller place. My visitors come from all over, Nigeria, Quebec, various states. Its great to hear their perspectives on life.

Just recently, I attended the Airbnb Open conference in Paris, France. Where 5000+ hosts gathered to learn, network, and be a part of something larger than ourselves. I will say it was phenomenal! I used to host merely as a way to make extra money. But after the conference, I now have the understanding and a changed outlook on what this is, a close-knit community.

Then it happened. While in eating dinner in one of the cafes, explosions and terror that caused so many (over 130 people) to lose their lives. Actions done, while we were there, by those who sought to tear apart, to end, to resolve. While we were there.

As a curfew was called, and we hunkered down in our apartment.

Then it hit me heavily. I am doing important work. I don't need to be a member of the UN to do this. I can house guest in my home, I can connect with others when I travel. From wherever I am. Doing the things I doing, sharing my life, just being me.

Not only do I want my guests to feel comfortable, relaxed, get a feeling for the local area, tour Metro Atlanta, and the highlights and even the hidden gems here. But to be able to "get lost" and connect with locals, have some fun and exciting (or peaceful) times while at "home". And this is not just here but wherever you go. It's important stuff.

I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.
-Maya Angelou